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Photo Gallery

Portraiture Portraiture Winston Churchill I was immediately interested in drawing this portrait when I saw a photograph of Churchill on a book that I came across. 11X14 109934067 Deep in thought Here's a depiction of a student trying to grasp a lesson. 11X11 109934085 Dianne This is a rendering of my mother-in-law when she was a girl. Drawing the fabric for the dress was a challenge. 11X14 112562378 Baby's portrait Babies have always been difficult for me to draw. There's something about the youthfulness of their faces that's difficut to capure, however this rendering I was happy with. 8.5X11 109934088 Seated blind girl This was a commission piece involving a blind girl seated in the sand at the beach. 11X14 109933876 Mirror Dancer This is my wife's favorite of all the pencil drawings that I've done. 11X16 109933855 Ice skating family I found this drawing to be a challenge to get the figures in the right proportion to eachother as well as to have a convincing reflection on the ice. 11X17 109934086 Closeness I enjoyed drawing this depiction of a mother with her child. It definetly represents a tender moment between them. 11X14 109933851 Chief Joseph This is a drawing I did while I was in high school, studying Indians. 10X13.5 109933871 The Newlyweds This was a commisioned drawing that capured a good likeness. 11X14 109933856 Two brothers This was a commisioned drawing that I used a blending effect of two pictures together. 11X14 109933858 Family Fishing This was a commision from a friend of mine from work. He and his family love to go fishing, and so I did this drawing of their catch. 10.5X15.5 109933867 The hike This was a commisioned piece for a father and his daughter as they were hiking along a trail. 11X14 109933935 Wolverine I had watched alot of the X- men movies and found an interest in developing this drawing. I would definetly want the wolverine on my side in a fight. 9.5X10.5 109933936 Victorian lady This is a drawing that I rendered in high school. My mom had it in her house for years, and just resently returned it to my personal collection. 8X10 109933882 Spiderman This was a fun piece to render. It definetly evokes the fear one might have for tarantulas. One of my daughters on the other hand loves tarantulas. 11X14 109933823 Baby with a hat Just as soon as I saw the photo of this child, I knew it would be nice to try to draw. 11X14 109933829 Morning riders I really enjoyed drawing this picture. I remember the enthusiasm with which my own kids use to ride tricycles. 11X14 109933822 The big one that didn't get away This drawing took a great deal of time, but was enjoyable from start to finish. 11X14 109933819 Pondering. I found a photo of an elderly lady, and felt the challenge to see how closely I could sketch her. She looks as though she's deep in thought. 9.5X14 109933824 The Dance This sketch proved to be a challenge with so many dancing figures. You can definetly sense the lively music that they dance to. 11X17 109933939 David's head. I enjoyed focusing on the head of the famous statue of David In this sketch. 8.5X11 109933950 Horse hug My daughter has always had a strong love for animals. She had just finished a ride on this horse and gave it a big hug of appreciation. 11X14 109933944 My daughter riding a horse. Here is my oldest daughter enjoying a pony ride. 122296429 Pony ride Here's a sketch of my daughter seated on a pony. 11x14 109934113 Artist daughter # 2 I found this depiction of my second daughter to be fairly accurate. She sure is cute. 11X17 109933949 Artist daughter #1 Every once in a while I strive to draw my daughters. This depiction caught a good likeness to my eldest daughter. 11X17 109933934 Hungry giraffe My daughter was seeing how close she could get to a hungry giraffe. 121911052 Asleep and yet not asleep Here's some kids coming home from a field trip. It's funny to see the sharp contrast between two kids deep in sleep, and two kids behind them looking for action. 11X16 109933947 Military Elvis You don't see too many pictures of Elvis with a hat on, but here he is in military attire. 11X14 109934112 Girl praying I really like this scene of a young girl at her bedside praying. The setting is simple, but the message is strong. 11X17 109934083 Girl praying (with color) I ran a copy of the girl praying sketch and then added some color to it. 10.5X16.5 109934109 Olympic runners The two runners were great to sketch, as well as the blurred faces of the fans in the background. 8.5X16.5 119517705 My wife stitching. I did a contour drawing of my wife stitching. 122095619 The long road home It was a challenge to convey the tiredness in the boy's face and body,but as you look at the drawing you can sense the extreme fatigue the boy is facing on his trip with his dad back home. 11X13.5 119517706 Mother Theresa This ended up being a fast yet very expressive sketch of Mother Theresa. I found it interesting to use a minimal amount of lines to capture an expression. 10.5X13.5 119517715 Poor boy This sketch was one taken from a photo of a boy that my mother-in-law had suppoted through an outreach program. 122095621 Three dancers This is a small drawing, and yet the composition and accuracy of the drawing was very good. 7.5X7.5 119819143 Birthday at the park This was a commissioned drawing of a pastor and his wife and their grandson. 11X14 119819144 Indian and eagle portrait This developed into an interesting sketch with a different approach for a composition. 119819148 Seated man This was a commissioned piece. The man seems very kinglike seated upon his throne. 119819154 Seated woman This was a commisioned piece of the seated man's wife with a simular seated position. 119819155 Self portrait This became an extremely tight knit drawing that employed some crosshatch work. 119819170 High school self portrait I look back and I am intrigued with the likeness I achieved in this portrait. I just miss all the hair that I used to have. 119819169 Self portrait This was actually a rather fast self portrait that I did with charcoal while looking in a mirror. 119517720 Portrait of a friend I was able to sketch this portrait of a friend of mine rather quickly. It capured a good likeness. 119819172 A look of surprise This man definetly has a look of surprise on his face. Such a stong expression was great to draw. 119819176 Woman smiling A friend of mine had me sketch his girlfriend. 119819177 Sisters in the woods This was a commissioned piece of some sisters who had stopped for a pose during a hike. 119819171 Kids at the beach This was a commisioned drawing of some kids playing at the beach. 119819173 Old couple These were some relatives on my wife's side.I think they were her great great grandparents. 119819174 Ricky and Lucy This was done for a secretary at work who loves the I Love Lucy show. 119819175 Man's portrait This was a commisioned piece for a lady in remembrance of her son. 120321905 David This is a sketch of my nephew. 120911602 Landlord contour My landlord was willing to pose for a contour drawing one year. 121601750 Nurses daughter I enjoyed drawing a portrait of a nurses daughter. 122216848 Father and son portrait. This was a commissioned drawing. 122298130 Woman at the beach This was a commissioned piece. 122298138 Easter egg hunt This is my daughter searching for eggs. 122464408 Model The professor's daughter posed for the class to paint. The teacher said that my painting captured the best likeness. 122464409 Chief Joseph This was a drawing that I did in high school. It was later sold to a police officer who wanted the image to be used as a tattoo. 122312692 Violin player This is a recent sketch that I did of a violin player. Part of my motivation for the piece is connected with the aspect of my youngest daughter starting to learn to play the violin. 129908075 Halo sketch This was an interesting sketch to do. I don't usually draw much in the way of robots, but Halo proved to be a challenging image. 142609045 Billy Graham A man after God's own heart! 161786949 Astronaut This was great to draw with an emphasis on reflections. 169076276 Ellie with her trombone Here's a drawing of Ellie and a friend playing their trombones. 189981560 GHS Piper I really enjoyed drawing this depiction of a piper. 189981286 Ellie 203740247 Portrait of a co-worker 203740248 203740249 203740250 203740251