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Photo Gallery

Animals Animals Curious cat A while back a stray cat came right up next to me. I think that my client feeds it regularly. 149366030 Lioness This drawing was small, but ended up having good detail. 122398731 Lion sketch This was an enjoyable lion sketch 122095645 Resting ram This was done with some colored pencils. It turned out to be a quite colorful piece. 121605838 Sea Biscut I used to struggle drawing horses, but as of about six years ago, I've greatly improved my ability, and enjoyed doing a depiction of horses in motion. 11X14 109933872 Koala I enjoyed using some pastels for this colorful piece. 8.5X11 109933857 Not a good day for a swim Just a funny depiction of some peguins wanting to go for a swim, and yet a killer whale is passing by. 11X17 109933859 Follow the leader This was a sketch that I did that I had presented for a seasoned teacher who had retired.This depicts the long legacy of students that she had led through the waters of education. 11X14 109933861 Elephant I enjoyed this sketch of a mighty elephant who appears to even tower over the trees. 11X14 109933866 Dancing whales This is a watercolor that I enjoyed painting. The work went fast and the piece was completed within about three hours. 12X16 109933874 Giraffes This was an enjoyable sketch portraying two hungry giraffes. 9X12 109933875 Bull's eye thumbnail sketches These were some thumbnail sketches that I did prior to painting the Bull's eye piece. 8.5x11 122095616 Kissing cows I have not done too many pictures of cows, however this watercolor was neat to work on. 12X16 109933880 Mural project A company comissioned me to do a large mural, and this was one of my thumbnail drawings. 11X17 109933860 Peek a boo This is a colored pencil rendering that reminded me of the raccoons that used to frequent my parents cabin. 8X10 109933881 Moose in a stream This is done with acrylics, and ended up being quite enjoyable to paint. Looks like a great place to fish! 18X24 109933831 Sandpiper The detail was great in this drawing, but what really captivated my interest was the reflection in the water. 11X14 109933832 Pegasus I found this sketch to be a fun fanciful depiction of a pegasus in flight. 11X17 109933943 Iguana This was a great chance to practice the different types of depiction of tectures relating to an iguana. I tried to pay careful attention to the rinkles of the skin, as well as the patterns of it's tail. 11X17 109933945 Owl chasing rabbit This is a watercolor that I did in high school. I've kept it all of theses years and continue to enjoy it to this day. 14X21 109934066 Birds at rest This drawing was enjoyable perhaps largely due to having some experiences with large birds growing up. At different points in time my mom had pet birds who were nice to look at , but definetly prefered female trainers. 11X14 109933942 Hungry birds This was a fun drawing to do of some birds waiting for their next meal. 8.5X11 109934070 Bird/butterfly abstract This abstract reminds me a bit of stain glass. It was nice to break away and do a piece that's less life like. 11X17 109934069 Colorful ram I first laid down some random colors on the paper, and then decided to draw a ram on top. I am happy with the abstract effect. 8.5X11 109934075 Angel fish I have always liked the way angel fish look. They were fun to sketch. 11X14 109934078 Cowboy on horse This was a drawing simular to another artist's artwork. 122095613 Hammerhead shark This hammerhead shark proved to be a great study on how various shadows are created on fish as they swim near the surface of the water. 11X17 109934095 Close race It was neat to draw these jockeys struggling to win the race. It was nice to do another horse drawing. 8.25X13.75 109934080 Old owl This drawing I did with ink using mostly dots. 122095615 Happy penguin This is an acrylic painting that I enjoyed putting together. It turned out to be a colorful and lively piece. 18X24 109934092 Koalas I really enjoyed this depiction of some koalas hanging on a tree. 9X12 109934110 Juliet yawning My cat proved to be good subject matter when she let out this huge yawn. 147497480 Puggy This is a portrait I did for a friend. He had named his dog "puggy". Puggy gets very excited and runs around in circles alot. 147382940 Dog taking a nap This is a dog portrait that I did for a friend of the family. 146011792 Austrailan shepherd This was a commissioned piece that was fun to draw. 141786392 Scruffy dog This was an interesting depicion of a sruffy dog. 143787271 Collie This was a rather quick sketch of a collie. 122296677 Ocelots I enjoyed getting into drawing the spots on these ocelots. 11X14 109934111 Dog Portrait This was a commisioned piece that was enjoyable to draw. 122464411 Cat versus dog I don't think that the dog has much of a chance in a fight with this huge cat. 122296676 Dog portrait This is a portrait of my brother-in-laws dog. 122464406 Juliet This is a rendering of my cat. She proved to be a great subject to sketch. 11X14 109934077 Pumpkin This was done as a gift for a client. Pumpkin is the biggest orange cat that I have ever seen. 120321900 Man's best friend This is taken from a photo of a friend of mine with his dog named " Mocha". Mocha is an extremely high energy dog who had no problems hiking up this mountain road. 8X10 109933938 Dog study This was a study for a commissioned piece for a neighbor's dog. 120321898 Dog portrait My neighbor's have a dog named Buck that I drew. 120321899 Abbey This is a rendering of a dog that my wife's brother had. It was done in a fairly loose and gestural style. 8.5X13 109933820 Hairy dog I loved drawing this sketch of a hairy dog. I sometimes wonder how they can see where they're going. 8.5X11 109933863 Dog begging This is another dog portrait that was a commissioned piece. 11X14 109933937 Dog family The interesting thing about this drawing is the varied expressions on each dog's face. 11X14 109934072 Ear tug I found this depiction of two dogs to be quite humorous. 11X14 109934114 Terrier I enjoyed drawing this sketch of a terrier on a gray piece of paper that I had come across. 8.5X11 109934091 Dog with bow This drawing was a commissioned piece. 122095648 The lost shall be found A friend of mine had lost his dog (Buddy), and even got on the radio to find him. Someone in Oregon located the dog, and my friend made the trip there to pick the dog up. 11X14 109934074 Grumpy dog This was a fun piece to draw. The dog has a sad or grumpy look on his face. 11X17 109934082 Dog portrait This was a commissioned piece for a lady who loved her dog. 122095647 Coon hound pups for sale This rendering I did when I was about twenty years old. It reminds me of the Norman Rockwell stye of artwork. It is high on my list of personal favorites. 10.5X11 119517708 Ducks by the lake. This is a colored pencil sketch of some ducks by a lake. 122095623 Happy monkey This was a fun animal portrait to draw. 8.5x11 122095626 Sharing a meal This is an interesting piece compositionally. It also came off as a very tender moment between parent and offspring. 11X17 119517719 Lion I enjoyed drawing this lion with some colored pencils. 121404382 Majestic lion This is a painting that I did while at a park. I was there for an art/craft sale, and enjoyed talking to various people and selling some artwork. 119818534 Old lion I really enjoyed drawing this lion, and have used it in teaching students art lessons. It was interesting to see the variety of drawings produced from looking at the same lion. 119819140 Lion at rest This sketch of a lion took a great deal of time, but I was happy with the final outcome. 10X14 109933853 Bears looking for ants This acrylic painting was done on a round piece of wood. I have been enjoying it hung up in my house for several years now. 17 inch round 119517721 Little hedgehog My daughter has a hedgehog for a pet and I felt compelled to draw the cute little guy. 119819145 Thirsty bird This was a great study of a bird straining to get a drink of water. 8.5X11 119517700 Blue jays This was carefully laid out using colored pencils. 121555319 Snowy deer This piece was drawn when I was young. It is simular to another artist piece that I had seen. 121601743 Dinosaurs at a lake This was a fun drawing that involved some dinosaurs. When I was a substitute teacher I showed it to alot of lower grade school students. 121601746 Humming bird with flower I enjoyed laying out the composition of this drawing. 122296675 Eagle with flag This piece is simular to another artist piece. 122398729 Australian horse This drawing was taken from a photograph. I was pleased with the likeness that I achieved. 122398730 Parrot This parrot portrait was done quite a while ago. It was done with colored pencil. 122464410 Cartoon horse I used this as an example for an art lesson. 122296680 Dolphin jumping This was an enjoyable approach to drawing a dolphin jumping. 122398732 Dragon illustration This was a dragon drawing that I did for my junior high school yearbook. 122464412 Rhinoceros This drawing was done to look just like another artist piece as a practice. 122398733 Chaffey High School illustration. This was an illustration that I did for my high school. 122464413 Turtle with snail This was taken from a photograph. It's a humorous piece depicting a smart snail getting a free ride. 122398734 Shark chase This was a rather quick drawing illustrating an agressive shark chasing after an unfortunate fish. 122398735 Zebras I enjoyed drawing these zebras. 122398736 Fox in the trees The circular framing was fun to do with this fox in the birch trees. 122398738 Whale dive This was taken from a photograph. The whale is truely the king of the sea. 122398739 Happy bear This was a practice drawing taken from another artist work. 122398740 Lone duck This was a pencil drawing that was enjoyable. 122398741 Bird guarding eggs I had seen a photo and felt compelled to try to draw it. It ended up having good detail. 122398742 Rat in a tree. At one point my kids had some rats for pets. That's what helped to motivate me to draw this picture. I ended up going a little abstract on the treatment of the bark. 122398744 Angry mountain lion This drawing was taken from a photograph of a taxidermed lion. 122398745 Hawk chasing squirrel This was taken from another artist piece as a practice drawing. 122398748 Butterfly on flower This was an enjoyable piece that was taken from a photograph. 122398849 Bat bones I have not drawn very many pictures with bones before, but this depiction of a bat skeleton was nice to draw. 122419587 Fish and frog This was fun to draw. It is simular to another artist work. 122398850 Dragon This is a recent dragon sketch that I enjoyed doing. 134783681 Frog sketch I had seen the photo of this frog and wanted to see if I could do a good rendering of it. 144669313 Resting Cranes This is an acrylic painting that I did as a Christmas present. Two cranes symbolize long life. 145447406 Whale mural This is a mural of two whales swimming in shallow waters. It measures 6'2" x 5'4" 150089447 Moose crossing lake This is an acrylic painting on canvas that was great to paint. 24" x 30" 153144069 Little dog This is my sister-in-laws dog. 175754122 Jack Daniels This dog was fun to draw. 175754123 Caged Lion This was an interesting drawi ng to work on with the wire fence in front of the lion. 189981325 Whale painting Here is the final resting place for the whale painting at the Pacific Clinics in Santa Fe Springs. 189981326 Resting Alligator The hardest part of this drawing was making the scales look convincing. 189981710 Charlie This was a commission for a pharmacist at work. 194755574 Wolves The composition lends to the success of this drawing. 196319848 Lion This lion drawing ended up having some sad eyes. 196319850 Eagle and bear I started off drawing the bear and then decided to through in the eagle. 196319851 Hall of Bulls Study 203813710 New flier 196319852