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Photo Gallery

Landscapes/Still lifes/Additional art Landscapes/Still lifes/Additional art Mini Casa in the winter This is a good example of what my parents' cabin looks like in the winter. We use to play for hours in the snow until we were so cold that we had to thaw out by the fireplace. 11X14 109933830 Mini Casa This is a rendering of my parents' cabin. The cabin is small, but continues to be a source of joy for the Allec family. 8.5X11 109933827 Victorian house This is a watercolor and ink depiction of a grand victorian house. It was a high school project that I had poured many hours into, and enjoyed each step that was involved in producing it. 109933940 House with palm tree. This was a commissioned piece of a house that an elderly friend had grown up in. I had not drawn too many palm trees in my past, and this one takes up so much of the drawing, but the combined effect of it with the house is nice. 11X14 109933946 English cottage This piece proved to be a structural challenge, but also enjoyable. 9X15 109933879 Country scene I enjoyed drawing this country scene with colored pencils. 11X17 109933854 Country scene study This watercolor was painted with only Paynes grey. It proved to be a smart idea to do the study prior to the actual painting. 121404379 Country scene This proved to be an interesting watercolor that I produced when I was in high school. 121404380 Log church This is a pencil sketch of a church that I had seen. 8.5x11 122095649 Snowy church I enjoyed this pencil sketch that is simular to another artist piece. 8.5x11 122095650 Bird houses This was sketched out while giving a lesson to some students. 119819166 Bird houses One day I had sat down with my niece and we did some still life drawings together of some bird houses that looked simular to this sketch. 9X12 109934090 Boat in the harbor This is simular to another artist's work of a boat in the harbor. 119819150 Resting Spot This picture had a weird elongated scale, but I enjoyed the detail that was involved and the look on the gentleman's face in the foreground. 7X17 109933869 Skull This drawing of a skull was done on black paper using a white pencil. It became an interseting study on shading. 12X18 109933821 Flower and Butterfly This is a colored pencil drawing that involved a great deal of time that I really enjoyed producing. 8.5X11 109933870 Superslam This is one of my favorite oil paintings that I've done. It was painted on a food service tray. The idea popped into my head as my wife and I had lunch at Denny's. 14X22 109933948 Peaceful resting spot. This watercolor was painted quickly and ended up having a pleasant composition, as well as contrast of colors. 8.5X11 109934065 Rocky stream This is the center portion of a mural that I painted for my living room. It is simular to a Thomas Kinkade painting that I had seen. 21X26 109934079 Rocky stream This is simular to a Thomas Kincade painting that I liked. I enjoyed using watercolor. 9X12 119517701 Antique still life I was wanting to do a still life watercolor, and was happy to put together these antiques that my mom had. 11X13.5 109934071 Half Dome This was drawn from a photo . The reflection was a challenge. 10X14 119517702 Country scene I enjoyed doing this sketch of a country scene. 9X12 119517707 Ugly bug This drawing is part from a photo and part made up.It certainly is an ugly bug. 9X12 119517712 Grand Arches Although I have never been to the Grand Arches, I hear that they are magnificent. 11X17 119517714 Pink bunnies These bunnies were drawn as a still life example during an art lesson. They proved to be interesting subject matter. 11X17 119517716 Bear with books and bottle This was done as an example of a still life during an art lesson. 10.5X11.5 119517717 Nicholas reading with Mrs. Higgins Here Nicholas recommends a book to a lady who runs an orphanage. 119623595 Penguin and elephant in the bathroom Here is a depiction of a penguin and an elephant exploring what's in a bathroom. 119623596 Boy with dinosaur Here's a scene with a boy saying good night to his dinosaur. 119623597 Wizard in the park Here's a scene where a wizard spinkles gold dust in a park and he makes the park grow to ten times it's size allowing room for a special zoo with an orphanage. 119623598 Statue with flowers This was drawn from a photo taken at my parents back yard. I rarely draw statues, however the combination of the fence, bird house, shelf and statue caught my interest. 119819139 Angel candle I photographed this angel candle at my mom's house. It proved to be a very delicate subject matter, especially with the doily and the reflections involved. 8X10 119517718 Potato project When my daughter was in preschool she did a potato project to see if it would grow into a plaant, and sure enough it did. It became a great still life item. 119819146 Colossal head I came across this head in front of the Covina Police Department office. I took some art students there to draw it on location. 119819147 peaceful staircase This colored pencil drawing ended up having a certain elegance to it. 119819151 Desert scene I enjoyed working on this colored pencil desert scene. It is a good example of the use of some warm and cool colors. 119819152 Donner Lake My wife's parent's have a cabin near Donner Lake, and this is the view from one of the bridges by the lake. 119819153 Pitcher with apple and candle This was drawn as a still life study. 119819157 Best buddies My wife's bear and my Tony the tiger were are favorite stuffed animals growing up. 122095620 Scarecrows I enjoyed doing this scarecrow sketch. Each one has a little different expression on their face. 119819158 Snowman This too was a greeting card idea. I was happy with the way it turned out. 119819159 Milk cans This drawing was done quite a while ago. I experimented some with the use of ink and ended up with a nice still life. 119819160 Still life study This pencil drawing was a study for a watercolor painting that I did in college. 119819161 Glass with spoon and shadow This glass with a spoon became an interesting still life. 122095624 Toy still life These were some of my daughter's toys that I positioned together for a still life. 119819162 Leaf with rocks and shells I was fishing one day and the fish weren't biting much, so I drew a sketch of a leaf with some rocks and shells. 122095625 Tennis shoe I liked sketching out this tennis shoe. It became an example for a lesson that involved shading. 119819163 Tiger shell It's great how even a single object like this shell can be a strong subject matter. 119819164 Teddy bears These bears were painted and given as a gift to my mom one year. I had done several bear pictures in high school. 119819167 Chest still life This is an oil painting that I did in college that involved a great deal of work. 119819168 Bud and full bloom flowers In this watercolor I found it interesting to show a bud right next to a full bloom flower. 121404386 Crosshatch leaves This was a quite tedious piece that involved dipping a quill in an ink bottle and doing crosshatch exclusively to produce the image. 121404391 Single rose I enjoyed rendering this rose with some pastels. 121601751 Fishing tackle still life This drawing dates back to my high school days. I enjoyed drawing the wide variety of fishing tackle 121555317 Alaska glacier There were several different techniques involved in painting this watercolor. 121601742 Mountain scene This was a very quick and impressionistic approach to painting a mountain with some trees. 121601749 Wood abstract This was an enjoyable wood abstract. It required alot of sanding. 122296683 Ceramic bottle I had taken a ceramics class at a junoir college and enjoyed making this bottle. 122217737 Ceramic fish This is a ceramic fish that I had made that could be used to hold flowers or maybe pens and pencils. 122217738 Ceramic mug I enjoyed making this ceramic mug. Attaching the handle is a little tricky. 122218282 Bowl I enjoed making this ceramic bowl. 122217740 Ceramic fish, bottle, bowl, and mug. These are a few ceramic items that I enjoyed making at a junior college. 122217741 Silver bracelet This is the only silver piece that I have ever made. I made it special for my wife. 122296684 Wood box I made this wooden box in high school. 122296682 Lake reflection I drew this as an exercise for drawing lake reflections. 122464405 Waterfall partition. This is a picture of me with a waterfall partition that I put together. 122296681 Waterfall Partition Here's a better look at the waterfall partition. 148407269 Man fishing This developed more as a cartoon type picture of a man fishing. 122464407 Virginia home This is a drawing of my sister's house in Virginia. 122296428 Cross design This was a project that dealt with creating an image with one letter of the alphabet. 122296430 Virginia house. This is what my sister's house looked like prior to it being remodeled 122296678 Duck meeting I enjoyed playing around with some duck s on this piece. 122296449 Dock sketch I was trying out some skills for drawing boats on this sketch. 122296679 Bone with chain I was at a museum where an artist had incorporated bones and a chain, and then later I drew it. 122298134 Bear with barrel and blocks and Shirley Temple photo This is a painting that I did when I was about 16. My mom had sold it in her antique store, and then years later had bought it back at a street fair. 130323056 2-6-0 Train A friend of mine asked for me to sketch a train for him. I don't recall drawing a train before, but it proved to be a good challenge. 146388770 Peaceful River This is a charcoal drawing that is simular to another artist's oil painting. 167988430 Sunset I decided to do a more impressionistic painting of the ocean and sunset. It ended up with a very peaceful quality. 168482483 Dogwood flowers This painting is simular to a photo that was taken by Ansel Adams. 175753516 Mountains with waterfall This painting was done in preparation for giving a watercolor lesson in my wife's 3rd grade class. 189981711